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What If Your Dreams Could Show You

How To Connect The Dots

To The Patterns That Are Holding You Back,

That Are Keeping You From

The Full Expression Of Who You Are?

Would You Wake Up And Listen?

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Jean Kathryn

Jean Kathryn

Over the years Jean Kathryn has delighted in lingering in the imaginal realm, the imagi-nation, where anything can happen. From painting by number and playing the piano in the basement in her childhood home to being immersed in nature when walking in and around Fairfax, CA, she has developed a deep knowing and confidence in navigating the inner worlds.

Inner world guide…

Thrilled to be so free

Lover of languages: music, Spanish, dreams, energy,

Lover of learning

Played it safe most of my life. Good student, good grade, got awards as a sales person, taught school, got married.

Came to a point when it was time to risk discovering who I am in addition to all that other good stuff.

Wasn’t thriving.

Now doing biz differently…

Paradox… everything serves

I was born Jean Lynn Carlson. Most of my delightful moments were in basement painting by number and playing piano OR riding horses on my grandfather’s farm in Oklahoma. Most of the other time I stressed over being good, getting good grades following the rules. I was a good enough student, then a good enough teacher and added a good enough wife to my roles.

And I did pretty well for most of myself…. Good grades, made quota 15 years in a row while in sales position and I was not really happy so I got to decide what I was going to do about that. I could have kept going. Then the Vibrant Living Alchemist showed up and decided it was time to discover or recover the vibrant, thriving, sparkly, thrilled and excited about life person I had lost contact with somewhere along the way.

So I left the long term marriage. Had a dream that invited me to change my name to Jean Kathryn. I did just that, curious to know what life as Jean Kathryn would be like.

Jean Kathryn Carlson knows all about the courage it takes to make big changes in life. For most of her life she played it safe by getting good grades or making sales quotas or simply following the rules to keep from getting into trouble. One day she decided that it was not all that much fun to follow somebody else’s rules and began to follow her heart. Leaving a long-term marriage and successful business she ventured into uncharted territory.

Her love of solitude, music, nature, dreams supported her as she co-created a more playful life full of magic and miracles. She loves to hang out in the land of imagi-nation and the invisible realms where anything is possible. She confidently navigates the world of dreams and is endlessly amazed at how the wisdom of her dreams and the wisdom of her body have conspired to open her up to the alchemical vibrant life she now lives.

Vibrant Living Alchemy is an outcome of the big changes she invited into her life. She is passionate about making the experience of joy an inside out job, relying on her inner wisdom to lead the way. She’s thrilled to support others as they, too, find their own way to claiming their inner authority and living more joyfully.

Marin Institute for Projective DreamWork Certificate, 2011
Law of Attraction Life Coach Certificate, 2011
Dream Coach™, 2010
EFT Practitioner, 2011

Jean Kathryn Carlson has been following her dreams and working with her dreams for over three decades. She integrates projective dreamwork with tapping for an embodied approach to discovering the messages and patterns in dreams. Jean Kathryn received her Projective DreamWork certification for working with both group and individuals from the Marin Institute for Projective DreamWork under the leadership of Dr. Jeremy Taylor in 2011. She also completed a six month intensive with Dr. Stephen Aizenstat at Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2010.

Additionally Jean Kathryn completed a Law of Attraction Life Coach certification though the Quantum Success Coaching Academy in 2011. She is an Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), practitioner and has studied with Glen Dunning and Steven Kessler. Jean Kathryn has witnessed countless clients benefit from the power of tuning into dreams in order to determine the next inspired step to take towards a more fully expressed life.

Beverly Adamo, Creative Hearts International

Jean Kathryn is an amazing speaker. The reason why I love to listen to her is because she invites me in.   She invites me to wherever we’re going to go. Whether it’s incredible poetry, if it’s a story you’re telling, it it’s a tool I can use because you offer so many amazing resources for me to use in my life. They’re simple they’re effective and they are incredibly powerful. And all those things are what I appreciate about you every time you speak.”

I love listening to you speak because you invite me in to wherever we’re going. Through incredible poetry and story telling you offer amazing simple, effective and powerful resources for me to use in my life.

Susan Rueppel, WINtuition

“I loved seeing Jean Kathryn speak at the Summer Success Splurge. It was magical. The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop because she had everyone enthralled and mesmerized with her message. She had a wonderful command of the room and her presence. It was just a completely amazing talk that had everybody enthralled.”

Jean Kathryn was magical. The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop because she had everyone enthralled with her message.

Maggie Schreiber, Women Of Wonder

“I love to be in the presence of Jean Kathryn Carlson when she speaks because she has a way of telling a story that absolutely brings you into her process and makes you a part of her work and then allows you to relate to what she’s sharing in a way that is so profound and so expansive. She is a master storyteller and she is able to set context so that you know what she’s talking about which creates a safe and open environment for transformation.”